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Conditions of sale


The deed of sale contract “on line” means the distance contract where the legal store for goods and/or services stipulated between a supplier , in this case the site www.orologiaio .it of the parternship GSP S.r.l., residing in Milano in Via Cesare Correnti,3 subscribed in the Register of Enterprise of Milan N° 1835081 and P.I. 05614860962, and a consumer in the environment of a system of long distance sales organized by the supplier that in such contract uses exclusively long distance communication technology known as “The Internet”. All contracts therefore will be concluded directly by access of the consumer to the internet web site and by following the indicated procedure can conclude the contract for the purchase of goods and services. Said consumer means the physical person that purchases goods and/or services not directly referable to eventual professional activity thereafter. Here the following conditions of sale which will remain effective until altered by the supplier. Eventual changes to the conditions will be in effect from the moment publicized on the wed site and refer to all sales from that moment on.


All sales prices of the products indicated and exposed on the web site constitute offers to the public complying to article 1336c.c. and include tax and all other costs; transport cost and insurance is duly highlighted on the appropriate page in the wed site. The client is asked to read carefully all terms and duties applying to purchase before conformation. In the case of export all duties involving eventual increases in transport and tax fees in effect at its destination are at the buyers expense. The sales contract is compiled and agreed through adhesion data “on line”. The Client can pay for the merchandise using the appropriate payment module indicated on-line at the time of purchase. GSP Srl reserves the exclusive right to payment in advance for elevated value objects.


For bank wire payment the merchandise will be sent ONLY after payment in full has been received. The client is obliged to send, WITHIN AND NOT MORE THAN 24 hours from the time of purchase, a copy of bank transfer data via FAX at 0289691384 or via email to Having not received the requested data in the manor and time indicated GSP Srl reserves the right to cancel the order. For all other forms of payment the client is obliged to pay in full by 19:00 on the day after the order date. In case of payment not received in the time and manor indicated GSP Srl. Reserves the right to cancel the order.

3. EXECUTION OF THE CONTRACT AND MANOR OF CONSIGNMENT will provide shipment of selected products with trusted professional delivery services. In case of absence of the recipient at the time of consignment a notice will be left and the recipient must contact personally the delivery service as soon as possible in order to make agreements. Delivery time shall not be more than that stipulated in article 6 Decr. Legisl. 185/1999 (30 days from order date) and could vary from the same day to a max. of 7 business days. The delivery times refer to in stock products at the time of order. Not in stock items and waiting time will be communicated immediately via email. The supplier is not responsible for loss or theft.


Clients can buy products from the electronic catalogue present in the site and in the quantity currently available. Should an order include more than what is currently available will inform the buyer as to future availability and waiting time.

5. RESPONSIBILITY is not responsible for disservice in timely delivery as agreed to by contract due to natural disaster ,explosions , fires , strike , floods and similar events. Www.orologiaio .it is not responsible for loss or damage and the costs inherent from the disservice caused by the above mentioned. Equally will not be responsible for fraudulent use by third parties using credit card numbers or other means of payment at the time of on line purchase. Www.orologiaio .it in fact at no time during the on line purchase process has access to credit card numbers of the buyer who through a protected connection transmits directly and exclusively with the banking service. At the request of the interbank service who authorizes credit card payments has the right to ask a copy of the credit cards front and back and an identification card copy to be sent via Fax to 0289691384 or via email to

6. GUARANTEE AND ASSISTANCE commercializes high quality products and for which offers guarantees of originality and functionality for 12 months after the date of sale. Damage due to misuse (knocks ,dents, water damage,excessive temps and strong magnetic fields) or unauthorized modifications or repairs is not covered by warranty.


As rule R.D. 18 June 1931, n. 773 art. 126,127,128 of the Testo Unico Leggi di Pubblica Sicurezza, of R.D. 6 May 1940, n.635 Art 247 e 16 of the Regolamento di Pubblica Sicurezza, del D.L. 25 September 199,n. 374 Art. 1 e 4 that regulate the deed of sale of precious used goods and antiques, the buyer is obliged to provide the following: First and Last name, date and place of birth, home address and valid identification card. Moreover the consumer resumes responsibility once concluded the process of buying “on line” to print out and conserve the agreed terms and conditions of sale, which have been previously read and accepted during the buying process as well as the specifics of the product purchased all of which satisfy completely the conditions of article 3 and 4 of Decr. Legisl. No 185/1999. It is severely prohibited for the buyer to insert false data in the process of registration necessary to activate passage of contract and relative communications; personal data and email address must be exclusively that of the buyer and not of a third party or pure fantasy. It is expressly prohibited a double registration corresponding to only one individual or insert data of a third party. Www.orologiaio reserves the right to prosecute legally every violation and abuse in the best interest of all consumers.


The buyer for whatever reason not satisfied has the right to withdraw from the sales contract stipulated and from services agreed on line without penalty or need to specify reason within 7 working days from the day of delivery. Withdrawal from contract must be made within the terms specified by registered letter to the following address: GSP Srl., Via Cesare Correnti 3 20123 Milano. Within the same time period a Fax or telegram can be sent stating withdrawal from the contract after which a stated registered letter within 48 hours confirming the withdrawal. The consumer cannot exercise this right for custom ordered products. Within 7 days all products must be returned to the supplier in perfect order as received and in the original packaging with all accompanying documents without exception. All return costs are at the buyer’s expense. Once returned the merchandise will be inspected and if found acceptable will reimburse the full purchase price minus eventual repairs within 7 business days of its arrival to the buyer. Credit card payments will be reimbursed by through the payment institute directly to the buyer’s credit card provider. It is the buyer’s responsibility to supply the necessary bank data in order to be reimbursed as soon as possible. A returned time piece must be received in perfect condition. The article must be packaged in the same manor as it was sent or at the very least in an appropriate manor for transport. Other means of packaging resulting in damage to the article will not be accepted. In such case the article will be available to the buyer and the return policy annulled.


Filling in the proper format on the web site the Client authorizes the use of the credit card or other means of credit and to debit the agreed full amount from the on line sale payable to The whole process is done using protected connections directly with the Banking Institute owner and operator of the on line payment service to which has no direct access. At the request of the interbanking service has the right to request copies of the credit card front and back and personal identification data all to be sent via Fax to 0289691384 or via email to In the case of returns as in article 8 here above the reimbursement sum with be credited to the credit card used in the transaction.

10. CONTRACT RESOLUTION AND DESIDING CLAUSE EXPRESSED maintains the right to resolve the contract by giving simple communication to the client with adequate and justified reason; in such case the client has the exclusive right to reimbursement of the sum already paid. The obligations assumed by the buyer in article 7 (BUYERS OBLIGATIONS) as well as the guarantee of payment that the client will effect by the means stated in article 2 the in ability to adhere to any one of the stipulations will result in contract rights resolution under art.1456c.c. without court intervention fact remaining that reserves the right to ulterior damages. The client has the right to annul the contract within 24 hours from the date of conformation giving timely notice via email to


Personal data is requested in order to register the client and activate on his behalf the procedure for the execution of the sales contract and necessary relative communications; such data is electronically treated in a manor reflecting the law in vigour and can be released only under court order. Personal data will be communicated to delegated subjects in order to carry out the execution of the contract stipulated and used only to that end. The client reserves the rights d.lgs. 196/2003 (Material code in personal data protection) being; to ask conformation of the data held by; to know their origins; the logic and means of their treatment; to obtain updates, correction and integration; their cancellation, the transformation to anonymous or to block in case of illicit use; to oppose their use for legitimate reasons or in the case of commercial advertisement , commercial information, market research, direct sales and interactive commercial communication. The Head of data gathering and the treatment of personal data is G.S.P. Srl., Via Cesare Correnti 3, Milan Italy.

12. JURISDICTION AND COURT Every controversy relative to the application, execution, interpretation and violation of the sales contract stipulated “on line” by means of the site is under Italian law; the general conditions presented fall under legislative law N° 59 of 15.1.1992 and of the legislative decree N° 185 of 22.5.1999. For whatever controversy between parties regarding the presented contract the court of the territory of the client involved will be in act if residing in the Italian State; let it be said for all other clients the controversy is exclusively a matter for the Court of Milan.